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Discover where Scotland's national drink is produced. All of Scotland's operational whisky distilleries and whisky-related places of interest located on one map. Also includes an easy-to-use index listing visitor facilities, contact details and websites. The map includes: - Over 100 distilleries and whisky-related places of interest. - Insert map of malt whisky areas. - A photographic guide to how whisky is made. - Selection of labels of blended Scotch whisky brands - Did you know? Section with interesting facts. - World maps of main export markets. - Index lists visitor facilities, telephone numbers and websites. Scotch whisky is unique among national drinks - synonymous with Scotland, it cannot be produced elsewhere in the world.


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Manuscript Maps — The Whisky Map of Scotland

They anticipated that around 20% of the whisky produced would be made using Islay barley, with the remainder shipped over from mainland Scotland. The distillery, which would run six days a week, could produce an initial 60,000 litres of alcohol per year, and feature its own on-site floor maltings and kiln.

Whisky Distilleries & Tours in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Whisky Distilleries Scotland - Tasting Map 24x34cm: The Whiskylandscape in Overview - Maßstab 1:1.750.000 by Rüdiger Jörg Hirst | Dec 1, 2017 3.9 out of 5 stars 90
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