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The Enchanted Castle 4 - Poisonous Plans er en god bog. Denne bog er skrevet af forfatter Peter Gotthardt. På vores hjemmeside kan du læse Peter Gotthardt bog online og også downloade det gratis!

In the caliph‘s palace, the vizier is making crooked plans. The caliph‘s life is in danger. The three girls try to stay out of it. But can they manage that?The Enchanted Castle is a series about three girls, who find an enchanted castle, where the most incredible things can happen. Every time the girls Stick, Pop and Mane visit it, they end up in a new exciting world.Peter Gotthardt was born in Denmark close to Copenhagen in 1946. As a child he loved to read, and spent much of his time reading his way through his local library's collections of history and adventure books.Gotthardt has written more than 60 books for children of which many are set within the realm of the Elves.


Peter Gotthardt
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The Enchanted Castle 4 -

The Enchanted Castle is a children's fantasy novel by Edith Nesbit first published in 1907. The enchanted castle of the title is a country estate in the West Country seen through the eyes of three...

Hansel & Gretel and the Enchanted Castle (Longplay / Hard / English)...

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