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Tasting You: Entanglement & Tasting you er en god bog. Denne bog er skrevet af forfatter Bente Clod. På vores hjemmeside mtggamechangers.dk kan du læse Bente Clod bog online og også downloade det gratis!

Tasting You is a collection of erotic stories for grown-up women about grown-up women. No hardcore porn, no vanilla sex, just the way life sometimes takes us along at its best and worst.Tasting You 1: Voyeur & SteamTasting You 2: Entanglement & Tasting youTasting You 3: Men & What you desireTasting You 4: The Mountain & The StoryTasting You 5: Education & The DealTasting You 6: Body Recall & Thai SilkTasting You 7: Wettest Worldwide & The HouseStarting out her writer's career in 1975 as a provocative feminist debater, Bente Clod soon achieved literary acclamation for her writing, and in 1981 was nominated to the prestigious Scandinavian Literary Award for her poetry. Her guidebook for writers to be and her writing workshops on prose, poetry and erotic writing have made her widely known throughout Scandinavia.


Bente Clod
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Entanglement proves there's still room for charmingly quirky romantic comedies -- even if it flirts In trying to fit itself into a linear form, "Entanglement" shares some of Ben's discomfort, occasionally raising bigger questions narratively than it has the answers for, but the ambition throughout is so...
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